We like to announce the publication of Vol. VIII of the "Mededelingen van het Ruckers Genootschap". In this volume, documents are published which are important to the understanding of 17th century harpsichordmakers working in Antwerp. A summary in English is provided of the original archive documents that are in Flemish.

J. Koster brings illustrated descriptions of two instruments. One is a harpsichord built by Gommaar Van Everbroeck presently in the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, and the other, a harpsichord by Joris Britsen, the original of which is in the Vleeshuis in Antwerp. The funds to make this acquisition possible have been advanced by the Ruckers Genootschap. Included are also the key documents from both makers.

To Summarize:
Volume 8
  1. 1982 The family tree of the Ruckers-Couchet family
  2. 1982 The Hagaerts family of harpsichord builders
  3. 1983 Hans and Johannes Ruckers
  4. 1984 Andreas Ruckers I and Andreas Ruckers II
  5. 1986 The Couchet family
  6. 1987 Organ builders of Antwerp in the 16th century
  7. 1991 Organs in the churches of Antwerp

Volumes I., II. and VII. are out of print.

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NEW:VIII. 2009 Antwerp harpsichordmakers in the 16th and 17th century outside the Ruckers-Couchet family; recent findings based on archival and organological research

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Because volume 1 is out of print, the genealogy tree of the ruckers-couchet family can be found here

The following publications are still available:

-Drawings of 17th and 18th century harpsichords made in Antwerp and Conrad Graf Pianoforte, Wien, 1826. (See Instruments in this site.)

Virginaal Hagaerts 1636 Virginaal Couchet 1650 Klavecimbel Ruckers 1644 klavecimbel dulcken 1747 klavecimber dulcken 1747 jobin
virginaal hagaerts 1636
virginaal couchet 1650
klavecimbel ruckers 1644
klavecimbel dulcken 1747

klavecimbel dulcken 1747 jobin

Klavecimbel Van Den Elsche klavecimbel bull - 1779 pianoforte graf 1826 pianoforte graf 1826 pianoforte graf 1826
klavecimbel van den elsche 1763
klavecimbel bull - 1779
pianoforte graf 1826
pianoforte graf 1826
pianoforte graf 1826

-Report on the very important Colloquium of 1970 on Restoration Problems of Antwerp harpsichords, held at the Museum Vleeshuis, with the participation of J.L.Broeckx, E.M.Ripin, R.Schütze, M.Skowroneck, J.Barnes, E.Hradecky, H.Bédard, J.Lambrechts-Douillez, V.Luithlen, A.Berner, J.H.vander Meer, G.Thibault de Chambure.

Volume 8 -C.Bom, Bericht über die Vermessung des Ruckers Cembalos von 1615: J.Lambrechts-Douillez, Das Cembalo von Andreas Ruckers, Antwerpen, 1644 (with complete photographic survey of inside of instrument). IN: Das Cembalo, Tage alter Musik in Herne, 1981

-The presentations of the colloquium held in Antwerp on march 6, 2009 can be found here

-Restauration report Pianoforte Conrad Graf, with complete drawing of the restauration

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