Unfortnunatly in 2006 when the summercourse was planned from 8-15th July, the administration of the Antwerp city museums announced, on very short notice, that the museum Vleeshuis (where the fine collection of historic harpsichords is housed) would no longer be available.

The Board of the Ruckersgenootschap felt sorry to have to announce this after organizing this course during 35 years in order to give the opportunity of a closer contact with historic instruments to very fine musicians from all over the world under the supervision of prominent teachers like Jos van Immerseel en Kris Verhelst.


The International Academy for Interpretation on Historic Musical Instruments started in 1971 for harpsichord. Since 1982 Jos van Immerseel was invited and new trends around 19th century music were inspired by the fortepiano. Approximately 800 musicians from all over the world participated in these courses since 1971. Many of these musicians have now an important task as professor sending their students to the course, their names belong to the universal discography of early music.

Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez coordinates since the beginning all the activities of the Ruckers Genootschap as Curator Emeritus of the museum Vleeshuis, having an important collection of musical instruments. She gave many lectures and is considered internationally for her expertly knowledge of Antwerp harpsichord and restoration problems. She promoted the careful approach in restoration as well as the alternative of making good copies. She was founding member of CIMCIM, the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Musical Instruments of ICOM (UNESCO), being president from 1983 to 1989.

The organisation of this Academy was possible thanks to:

Unique historic and good fac simile harpsichords were available: